On June 8th, 2013 over 1,000,000 hand made bones were placed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in a bone laying ceremony conducted by thousands of volunteers from around the United States. These bones created a visible petition against ongoing genocides and mass atrocities in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and South Sudan, Burma, and Somalia. Since the close of the installation on the National Mall, these bones have been awaiting their next call to action.

In July 2015, Bosnia recognizes a tragic anniversary: twenty years since the Bosnian genocide and the massacre in Srebrenica. The Art of Revolution (Albuquerque) and the Post-Conflict Research Center (Sarajevo) are working together to bring 100,000 of the bones created for the One Million Bones project to Bosnia to create a permanent installation and memorial, one bone for each victim of the genocide.

In 2014, during the twelve months prior to the anniversary, community members in Bosnia will participate in workshops that will result in an additional 8,000 bones, each one representing one of the victims of the massacre in Srebrenica. The bones will be laid in a ceremony/performance with volunteers dressed in white.  

Our partners in Bosnia feel that bringing bones, made by an international community, bones that have spoken through their presence on the National Mall, to the most powerful government in the world, is an appropriate tribute to the 108,000 people who lost their lives in violence in Bosnia in 1995. And, we agree. It is not enough that Bosnia alone should recognize and mourn on the 20th anniversary of these crimes. The world ought to mourn with the Bosnian people. It is our jointly held belief, as well, that the presence of a permanent installation of bones will bring attention from the wider world to the anniversary.